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Re: text editors

Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:

> If your work comprises repetitive tasks that can be automated, then
> Emacs can help you a lot.
> If you have several, unrelated, small tasks, theni firing up vim and
> then closing it may be a good choice.
> The trick with Emacs is doing as much things you can with one istance,
> avoding continual start and stops.

Don't know! Really!
I use some time Makefile or ansible recently for various things. I still do
not find pragmatic reason for learning Emacs. As said before this is only
my opinion, but I think it is important mentioning this, given the
propaganda around Emacs. One can live and do everything without Emacs. For
the enthusiasts, they are free to to choose how deep they dive into Emacs.