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Re: text editors

On 29.03.19 08:47, Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:
> >>>>> "EC" == Erik Christiansen <dvalin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> EC> On 28.03.19 21:32, Matyáš Bobek wrote:
> >> I reckon writing vim extensions in C must be quite obscure... How
> >> is it done?
> EC> It's not. They are written in vimscript, analogous to elisp.
> Sorry not. While Elisp is a Lisp dialect, therefore is a language that
> has been formally proved to be equivalent to turing-machine, that is
> not certain for vimscript.

Yes, yes, reflexive combativeness is jolly good fun, but understanding
is more useful in the long term. The statement you think you've replied
to would seem to use "equal"¹, but the actual word used refers to being an
analogue, i.e. taking the same place in the other editor.


¹ As in "of equal standing", perhaps.

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