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Re: text editors

Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:

> d> really, I did not know that you could be me and you knew my
> d> experience.  Anyway emacs is not bad for those who know it, but it
> d> is impractical because you have mostly vim installed, so learning
> d> vim is a must indeed.
> Your words would be very different if you had only vi, not vim.

Last time I have seen only vi in crippled variant was on Solaris8 in 2007.
The first time I was free for couple of hours between two projects I
compiled vim ... I received many cups of coffee from everyone useing the
~60+ Solaris systems in the landscape.

> Learn how to do little things with vi is useful indeed, even ed,
> chances are you could work in a situation where libcurses is gone.
> But vim is an attempt to rewrite emacs the wrong way.
Anyway no need to advocate for emacs or vim. Usually you get linux with vim
you can invoke like vi or vim.

My personal choice is ne on debian. For everything else there are decent
editors with GUI. My preference is eclipse and kate ... but it also doesn't
matter. I simply can not find any logical or practical argument learning or
using emacs ... and I work with linux servers on daily bases.

Come one - this is just about sharing opinions!