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Re: text editors

tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Eating roquefort is impractical because you gotta drink wine anyway :-)
hahaha, true!

> Look -- you can do both (I do). If you're looking for excuses to stay
> away from Emacs: no need to, just do. But as little need to spread FUD
> about Emacs. Yes, Emacs is a decent editor. No, you don't /have/ to
> know Lisp to use it. Yes, if you do learn Lisp, you get powers few
> other editors give you. Yes, Emacs is somewhat idiosincratic (as Vi(m)
> is -- most powerful editors seem to be).

I've been there exactly 17y ago. I still have no idea where lisp is used
except in Emacs and some exotic projects, so being pragmatic ... good for
you who know emacs - for the rest good that you do not know emacs. I can
not be more balanced :)