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Re: keyboard macros

On 2019.03.28 12:58, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Not responding specifically to the following, but keyboard / keystroke macros
are not a strictly EMACS function, and I don't think EMACS was first.
Just saying, you don't need EMACS to get the benefit of keyboard macros.

The package with which macros originated matters not to me; what matters is the packages which today offer keyboard macros.

But in my case, macros are the icing on the cake. The event which motivated me to depart from the realm of M$DOS and seek a (rodentless) open source editor was a genuine Y2K bug, admitted by M$, which caused M$ Word 5.0 for DOS to write garbage to the data files.

The tedious and largely-frustrating attempt to recover the text of hundreds of Word 5.0 files taught me an indelible lesson regarding the folly of proprietary encodings, and it taught me the propriety of the markup approach, in which the data file contains nothing but ASCII characters.

None of the numerous recovery packages I found back then were able to recover text with italic, bolface, and underline, though preservation of these attributes is infinitely more vital than is preservation of sectioning and even of paragraph divisions.

Coming from a rodentless background (typewriter, early dedicated word processors, and even M$ Word 5.0 for DOS), I have little use for the rodent, and I have even less tolerance for the beast. From my perspective, the rodent is not a cute little "mouse"; it is an ugly and troublesome rat.