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keyboard macros (was: Re: text editors)

Not responding specifically to the following, but keyboard / keystroke macros 
are not a strictly EMACS function, and I don't think EMACS was first.  I can't 
remember all of them, I do know nedit has them, I sort of recall that wordstar 
or the shareware editor that used the same keyboard shortcuts (on DOS) also 
had them,

Just saying, you don't need EMACS to get the benefit of keyboard macros.

On Thursday, March 28, 2019 01:34:49 PM rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> But when the first task is going to take an hour and severely tax your
> manual (finger) dexterity, whereas the replacement takes about a minute
> and requires only a bit of mental dexterity...  The end-of-day morale is
> boosted by such success in boosting productivity.
> Once you start using Emacs macros and see the benefit, you likely shall
> find yourself creating and using numerous macros within each editing
> session.  You demonstrate once to the robot, and the robot faithfully
> mimics you, without error.  The only question is whether you are willing
> to teach the robot by recording your keystrokes in a macro (it takes two
> keystrokes).