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Re: text editors

>>>>> "JH" == John Hasler <jhasler@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

JH> deloptes writes:
>> learning emacs means learning lisp

JH> Not true.

In my experience is true. But needs some more words.

When you intensively start using Emacs, and you start asking to the
editor "Oh, True One Editor, what is the meaning of this keystroke?"
(😊) and see the answer, when you take a look to the .emacs of a more
experienced user, you see, sooner or later you understand that there
is a way to tell Emacs how "to do useful things"[*]. And since these
things are useful to you, you learn to do them. Even if you do not
know that what you are doing is "programming in LISP".

[*] I lost the source where I read that in an organization even
secretaries used Emacs, and that these secretaries learnt how to do
"useful things" without a problem. Mostly because they were unaware
they were programming.

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