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Re: Advantages of downloading Debian packages over tor

On 3/28/19 1:18 AM, André Rodier wrote:

> Is there any advantage, in terms of privacy, to download Debian packages
> over the Tor network?

Tor's job is to keep the trackers away by bouncing your packets around
so Google starts tracking the wrong IP address. But the last hop is in
the clear, so its encryption is less than optimal -- not as thorough as GPG.

Privoxy is, as I understand it, a very competent ad blocker. The two do
different jobs. I used privoxy for a long time, before Tor came along,
but now just use the Firefox addon.

Debian and its mirrors don't do any of the nasty things, I think (hope).
So privoxy wouldn't help at all. And Tor wouldn't be much help unless
some mirrors started tracking people, so Tor might be of some help for
the truly paranoid.

> Are you doing it yourself, and if yes, for what reason(s)?

I don't. It'd never occurred to me. But I, as a true paranoid, will be
looking into it :-)

Glenn English