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Re: text editors

>>>>> "JH" == John Hasler <jhasler@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

JH> Gian Uberto Lauri writes:
>> But vim is an attempt to rewrite emacs the wrong way.

JH> I don't think that's fair.

I disagree. After all Editor MACroS was once a set of macros for an
editor called TECO, while vim is an extension of vi - that required
even the add of the macro language, AFAIK.

And a "roughly Turing-complete mini-language", sorry, is not a good
thing. Expecially whenn compared with a language that was borne as
a demonstrated Turing-complete formalism :).

Vim may have been a good thing under Amiga (where there were editors
you could have controlled with Arexx, doing _very_ nice automation
jobs :) ).

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