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Re: text editors

>>>>> "r" == rlharris  <rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

r> As well as being easy to use for general word processing, Emacs
r> excels in the work of writing scripts, in which the
r> ability of Emacs is invaluable.  After all, the name Emacs is an
r> acronym for "Editing MACroS".

r> Need to make alterations to dozens of lines?  If you can figure out
r> a repetitive sequence of keystrokes to accomplish the change, you
r> can save that sequence as a macro.  And those keystrokes can
r> involve searches and operations such as "advance one word", "go to
r> string xxYYz", "go to end of line", "replace xxx with yyy", and so
r> forth.

Or said with other words:

- replace a repetitive task where you are part of a machine the
  "Metropolis" way with the task of creating an automatic solution.

This has a lot to do with your morale at the end of the work day :).

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