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Re: stretch install for amd64-9.8.0 problems.


i wrote:
> > Is your jigdo-lite old enough at all to suffer from the https
> > blindness ?

Gene Heskett wrote:
> I have 7.3 on wheezy

So you would have to download the .jigdo and .template files manually
by wget or web browser. If you then run jigdo-lite in the directory
with the downloaded files and give it the URL of the .jigdo file again,
then you should get an ISO from jigdo-lite.

> I just grabbed the 4th copy of the netinstall cd, maybe k3b will write a
> good copy next time

Did you check its MD5 or SHA512 ?

  e0a43cbb8b991735c1b38e7041019658  debian-9.8.0-amd64-netinst.iso

  cc4a6bd50925c1c4af98049060e304494bc9da61eb5eb272c556d67608de14d4e6a4b8bc1c9412a0f810083912e228569f3771ffffa7174538f3e26f45a05245  debian-9.8.0-amd64-netinst.iso

> First 2 burns failed at the switch to initrd file point.

Please give the last messages of the failed attempt.
(If it gets to the initrd, then the boot loader worked and the Linux
 kernel was started.)

> Very disappointing to see a disk error pop up at sector
> 28xxx after 10 minutes of reading an ancient but freshly burnt cd image.

Is that error attributed to your CD or to your hard disk where you want
to install ?
If it is about the CD, try a DVD or an USB stick.

Have a nice day :)