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Re: text editors

>>>>> "DP" == Dan Purgert <dan@xxxxxxxx> writes:

DP> John Hasler wrote:
>> mick crane wrote:
>>> there it is then, although I've so far managed to avoid Emacs
>>> since heard it is more of an operating system than an editor.
>> Teemu Likonen writes:
>>> There are those who know Emacs, and there are those who know
>>> decades old jokes about Emacs.
>> And there are those who avoid learning what Emacs is actually like
>> because they have heard decades old jokes about it.

DP> I tried a couple of times.  But the vi-only boxes at work kinda
DP> forced me to get familiar with that.  Maybe I'll try again in the
DP> future.

vi is always useful for two purposes:

- you need a fast starting editor for a slight change

- you need to do penance

Nevertheless, if a remote box has ssh, finding (C-x C-f) the 


loads the /pat/to/the/file file downloading it from machine. And of
course you can save it.

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