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chroot jail for user with rssh

i try ro setup a chroot jail with rssh.

the jail seem to work if I set /bin/bash as shell.
(I get a prompt and can ls inside chroot)

When I set /usr/bin/rssh as login shell i get:

ssh user@xxxxxxxxxxx
This account is restricted by rssh.
Allowed commands: scp sftp rsync

sftp -vv user@xxxxxxxxxxx
Transferred: sent 2508, received 2260 bytes, in 0.2 seconds
Bytes per second: sent 15924.1, received 14349.5
debug1: Exit status 1
Connection closed

scp -vv user@xxxxxxxxxxx:/foo /tmp
Transferred: sent 2508, received 2304 bytes, in 0.2 seconds
Bytes per second: sent 15051.0, received 13826.7
debug1: Exit status 255

I have also try to set /usr/bin/rssh in /etc/shells but get the same result.

Files inside chroot:

/home/user# find ./

I have no idea anymore whats wrong and how can I debug.

Best Regards,