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Re: text editors

rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx [2019-03-27 08:05:30-04] wrote:

> EMACS (at least before a WYSIWYG / mouse version (which I think exists
> now -- was tHat XEMACS for a while and then maybe merged back into

There is GNU Emacs and there is (or was) a GNU Emacs fork named XEmacs.
Nowadays XEmacs is dead or nearly dead: no releases in ten years. XEmacs
code has never been merged to GNU Emacs. There was a time in the history
when it made sense to use XEmacs (some useful features that GNU Emacs
hadn't) but this has not been the case for long time and GNU Emacs has
gained much more.

Just "Emacs" tends to mean either GNU Emacs or this family of editors
which "ideologically" originated from TECO editor's macro collection
named Editor Macros (EMACS).

History lesson: https://everything.explained.today/Emacs/

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