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Re: stretch install for amd64-9.8.0 problems.

In article <201903271310.25490.gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> you write:
>I pulled and burnt the netinstall, bad burn or bad checksum, but can't 
>find the checksums for the netinstalls.

They sit alongside the iso images - see


>So I go back and get the DVD-1.jigdo.
>Now where do I find the template for DVD-1 of 9.8.0 for amd64?

alongside the .jigdo file in


>All I can get out of jigdo-lite after giving it a US mirror address is a 
>request for a non-US address as the files don't exist, and I've tried 
>several sites now.
>debian.org's search doesn't find them either.  Whats the official story 
>here? I can't get a verifiable netinstall, and jigdo can't find a file 
>to download.

jigdo-lite should fall back (eventually) to snapshot.debian.org and
find all its files there. Although for 9.8 (the current release!) all
the files should be on the normal mirrors already. Which files is it
not finding?

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