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Re: text editors

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 08:05:30AM -0400, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


> Good point!
> And, for people coming from Windows, EMACS (at least before a WYSIWYG / mouse 
> version (which I think exists now -- was tHat XEMACS for a while and then 
> maybe merged back into EMACS) and vi/vim are quite different.

These days, Emacs can even (GASP!) display images! png, jpeg, what you
throw at it. For SVGs you can switch back and forth between (XML) source
and image view. While in XML source "mode" you of course have all the
advanced XML edit machinery Emacs can offer.

GUI menus etc. are an old hat (> 10 years), for XEmacs even older.

Ooops, shattered another prejudice ;-)

It /is/ a steep learning curve at the beginning (I can confirm, having
come from vi, then vim -- in which I'm still fluent). But it is worth
every turn in that panoramic route.

-- tomás

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