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Re: bcmath extension for php 7.1 on debian linux

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 05:08:11PM +0500, Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:
>    On 27.03.2019 16:45, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
>  That said, you may want to consider installing your PHP packages from
>  this source: [1]https://deb.sury.org/
>  That site is maintained by Ondřej Surý, who is a Debian Developer and
>  also one of the main PHP maintainers for Debian and Ubuntu.
>  Regards,
>  -Roberto
>    This information could be very useful for me in the future, and save some
>    time.
>    Still, in case of PHP, in order to mitigate "the version compatibility
>    hell" and comply with requirements of various frameworks and CMS, I have
>    to build personal packages from sources available upstream, most of the
>    time.

Wow.  That must be frustrating indeed.

>    Now I wonder, why is the owner of this repository doesn't contribute these
>    packages to the original Debian repositories? Not even in form of
>    backports.

That is effectively what the repository is.  It provides various
versions of PHP for various versions of Debian (and Ubuntu), all
maintained by the individual who is principally reponsible for PHP in
both distributions.

>    Is the process too complicated and time consuming, so even Debian
>    Developer and PHP maintainer finds it easier to just host his own repo
>    online?
Uploading a package to an official backports repository does involve
additional work.  Given the complexity of PHP I can certainly understand
why Ondřej is not interested in unnecessarily increasing his workload.
He has given his reasons a bit more specifically in public mailing list
discussions in the past, but my recollection boils down to him saying
something like, "they are the same packages I upload to Debian, signed
with the same key used to sign the packages in Debian."

If you need a version of PHP apart from what ships in whatever version
of Debian you happen to be using, I encourage you to consider it, as it
is an excellent resource.  In my mind there is no reason to think that
packages originating from Ondřej's repository are any less trustworthy
or of any lesser quality than those in Debian itself.



Roberto C. Sánchez