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Re: need sources.list example for lan with approx-server

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 11:01:38AM +1100, David wrote:
> The important differences to be aware of are probably:
> apt full-upgrade == apt-get dist-upgrade
> apt upgrade == apt-get upgrade --with-new-pkgs
> In other words, 'apt upgrade' does install new packages.


 * apt removes the .deb files that it downloads, after installing them.
   apt-get leaves them in /var/cache/.  This is configurable, I think.

 * apt uses non-configurable yellow tty output that is completely unreadable
   on a white background.  apt-get doesn't do colors, so you can read it
   even if you don't override your terminal's background color.

 * apt search uses 3 lines of output for each result, with non-configurable
   green text for the package name.  apt-cache search uses 1 line of output
   for each result, and doesn't mess with colors.  At least the green is
   mostly readable, albeit still not as good as the default.

   As compensation for the triple line cost and less readable package names,
   apt search includes the version number in its results.  apt-cache search
   does not.

And probably more that I'm not remembering or never encountered before
switching back to apt-*.