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Re: Archival of Jessie: where did jessie-updates went ?

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 11:12:04PM -0500, Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
>    On Tue, Mar 26, 2019, 2:46 PM Pierre Fourès <[1]pierre.foures@xxxxxxxxx>
>    wrote: 
>      of course, if you're like me, bound to keep Jessie running while it's
>      in LTS lifespan while also depending on packages from jessie-backports
>      who are not maintained anymore, you've got to stretch yourself. Looks
>      likes this will eventually bumps our priorities to move everything to
>      stretch !
>    As of end of November, my employer didn't have any 9 production machines
>    but were actively deploying 8 for new applications. I think jessie was
>    pretty solid and there was no real need felt to move to the next release.
>    They also had a few 7 servers chugging along. Is jessie a victim of its
>    own success here?
I don't think that it is a victim of its own success.

It would be no different than if you were deploying Windows and decided
to continue using Windows Server 2012 R2, even though its mainstream
support ended 6 months ago, because it is solid and you do not feel the
need to move to the next release.

The fact is that everything in the technology world has a finite
lifetime.  Granted, some things, like zOS, AIX, HP/UX, tend to have much
longer lifetimes for a given release.  Yet, even those eventually reach
and end of support for each release.

Deploying a new system using an OS or major application platform release
that is past its standard supported release timeline is a risky
proposition at best.  Granted, the advantage here is that if you really
like Debian Jessie, you actually have the ability to find someone to
continue to support it for you for as long as you as you are willing to
pay for that.  You cannot do the same for Windows or commercial Unix



Roberto C. Sánchez