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Re: text editors

On 26.03.19 11:52, John Hasler wrote:
> mick crane wrote:
> > there it is then, although I've so far managed to avoid Emacs since
> > heard it is more of an operating system than an editor.
>  Teemu Likonen writes:
> > There are those who know Emacs, and there are those who know decades
> > old jokes about Emacs.
> And there are those who avoid learning what Emacs is actually like
> because they have heard decades old jokes about it.

IME, the real reason why we won't consider the other editor is because
of the time and energy spent learning the first good one we came across,
and the grating frustration and lost productivity of dropping to the
bottom of the learning curve to switch to horse of a different colour
but similar performance. The "typing chords" vs modality difference
essentially becomes moot once you adapt to your choice. Probably.