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Re: need sources.list example for lan with approx-server

On Wed, 27 Mar 2019 at 03:59, <rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I saw Debian documentation which says that "apt" has been revised to
> correct errors made when coding "apt-get".  But then I saw other
> documentation which recommended "apt-get" over "apt".  I suppose this
> question belongs in another thread...

The intention of apt is to provide an easier-to-use human interface
to the most common operations, but its interface might
be improved from time to time, so don't rely on it in scripts.

Whereas the apt-* tools are intended to be powerful
low-level tools to use in scripts, so their interfaces never change
and they provide all functionality, but consequently they have many
complex options.

Hence the apt-* tools were created first, and keep growing more options
as required. Much later, the team got around to writing and releasing
apt. The guides you read that use apt-* probably predate apt.


The important differences to be aware of are probably:

apt full-upgrade == apt-get dist-upgrade
apt upgrade == apt-get upgrade --with-new-pkgs

In other words, 'apt upgrade' does install new packages.