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Re: text editors

Den 26.03.2019 17:52, skrev John Hasler:
mick crane wrote:
there it is then, although I've so far managed to avoid Emacs since
heard it is more of an operating system than an editor.
  Teemu Likonen writes:
There are those who know Emacs, and there are those who know decades
old jokes about Emacs.
And there are those who avoid learning what Emacs is actually like
because they have heard decades old jokes about it.

Seriously though:

The old "arguments" against emacs are moot theese days. You can run Linux/Apache/Mysql on your wrist-watch, so launching an entire OS to edit a file would be OK, /if/ emacs was an entire OS. The semi-serious argument about much of emacs being run as an interpreted language is also moot, when people build entire operating-systems in Javascript, and that is not just OK, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Emacs is NOT an OS, though, and learning just the editing commands is very simple. Just follow the built-in help, or do the built-in tutorial. Then, when you need some arcane feature you can just google it, or learn elisp and code it up yourself.

Having all kinds of interactive sessions available in editable buffers is really nice. Searching&sorting, cutting&pasting from shells to new command-lines, scripts or emails becomes very easy, so keeping what you find out and building upon your previous experiences is that much easier.

Favourite emacs command: M-x shell

Favourite emacs module: tramp