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Re: need sources.list example for lan with approx-server

On 2019.03.26 03:40, David wrote:
On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 at 14:33, <rlharris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Would someone kindly point me to (or email me) an example sources.list
for machines running Debian-9 (Stretch) in a LAN with an approx server?

I have used approx for many releases. But I've never used Synaptic.
I suggest to avoid using Synaptic until you have fixed command-line
apt. Synaptic might be what caused the problem.

I saw Debian documentation which says that "apt" has been revised to correct errors made when coding "apt-get". But then I saw other documentation which recommended "apt-get" over "apt". I suppose this question belongs in another thread...

I don't think 'approx' is responsible for the error message you provided. It appears to be a permissions problem of apt-get failing to read a local
file /etc/apt/trusted.gpg

I agree.

On stretch, I don't have that file.

It appears to be created by the menu item SETTINGS -> REPOSITORY menu of synaptic. I found a discussion thread about the problem:

One reply said that the trouble was caused when the SETTINGS -> REPOSITORY menu of synaptic was used, and that getting things running right again required removal of the file /etc/apt/trusted.gpg. Another reply lambasted that solution; however, in my experience it worked.

However, "apt update" did not run without error, because of my botched editing of sources.list; I still needed a pristine copy of sources.list which corresponded to installation with a mirror (approx). Thankfully, I found the file on another machine here, so I copied that pristine sources.list to the broken system. Then I executed "apt update" and everything appeared to be good.

Then I started Synaptic, and RELOAD ran without error, so I used Synaptic to install a file I needed, and now the system appears to be running properly.