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Fwd: Q. about Tinkering with Debian Source Code

Oops, went to Stefan instead of list; sorry. (Google Mail is so ... broken, in some ways.)

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On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 3:50 PM Stefan Monnier <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I use "apt source sl" (from sid, into its own directory) and compare
> that tree (?) with what I get if I download via what that suggests (git
> clone https://salsa.debian.org/debian/sl.git) (into its own directory), I
> notice that the Makefile in the Debian version is slightly
> more complex.

I believe the difference should be that "apt source sl" will have
applied the patches that you can find in the `debian/patches`
subdirectory of the https://salsa.debian.org/debian/sl.git version.


Thank you. I'm not quite far enough along to know exactly what to do with this information, but it got me past a conceptual bump; it helps me to make sense of the bigger picture, and I should now be able to plod a bit further.

Kent West                    <")))><
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com

Kent West                    <")))><
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com