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Re: text editors

On 2019-03-25 10:12, Erik Christiansen wrote:
On 25.03.19 07:53, mick crane wrote:
not heard about folding.

It can be very handy. I have around 420 pages of notes in one file. They
present as a one-page contents table with section page counts. While
cursoring down and then across opens a chosen fold, there are several
folding levels to the bottom. Hierarchical groping and digging is an
inefficient constraint suffered by GUIs; it is much quicker to just use
vim's '/' to search for a keyword. Given capitalised headings and
keywords, suffixed with a ':' for the major section on that topic, the
right line in 28532 lines is quickly found, and the required folds
opened automatically.

I'm not very good at this.

Give it 30 years. Experience creeps up on you.

kind of related I'm having difficulty copy and pasting.
If on windows [sorry] and in putty session for Debian no gui vi, if

Commiserations. I'd be sorry too if I had to use windows. (Avoided it
entirely during 30 years in IT - took a fat redundancy package when
windows finally caught up, and retired.

highlight text with mouse then it is automatically saved to windows
clipboard for pasting but then in putty cannot scroll past bottom of screen.

Sounds like a putty limitation? I'll admit to only ever having copied to
an X11 clipboard, so can't offer relevant experience. I've never used
gvim - plain vim in an xterm works fine with the X11 clipboard, so long
as I remember to turn off autoindent before pasting, to avoid a
stairstep paste. (I have the F12 key mapped to toggle vim's "paste"
attribute, so a single key handles both on and off.)

If set marks and then yank to other mark text is yanked but is not in
windows clipboard buffer for pasting.

Have you checked whether the yank goes into the "* (clipboard) register?
Check also the "+ register, in case the windows clipboard is looking
there instead. A post on the vim-use ML might elicit more info related
to your environment. Back in 2011, Gary Johnson had a "Copy and paste
problem" which was fixed for windows with "set clipboard^=unnamed".)

    :help 'clipboard'
    :help :set^=

I tend to just use a mouse drag to grab text to the X11 clipboard for
pasting into something GUI.

In visual mode I can highlight all text with go to mark but that is not in
windows buffer either.
I tried all different commands to try to get text into windows buffer but
nothing seems to work.

Check   " :set clipboard ? "

IIUC, it should include unnamed and unnamedplus for problem-free
communication with the windows clipboard - inferring from a couple of
archive posts from 2011,12. Including unnamedplus isn't good for the
linux clipboard, though.

If all else fails, the vim-use mailing list is a darned sight more
knowledgeable on vim/windows stuff.


tried "set clipboard=unnamed" and that.
":%y *" is supposed to copy to buffer and ":%y +" also says unrecognized register or something"
": reg" shows
so I don't know.
obviously buffers are on different machines and maybe putty just buffers what's on the screen.
Just wondered why it didn't work.


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