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xorg opengl / intel integrated graphics problem


due to a graphics card change in a few days, which will allow me to properly use
virtualization, I wanted to check a few things. First check, starting the pc without
the current dedicated graphics card, failed really unexpectedly, because the
integrated graphics card of my intel processor was not able to load my desktop
environment. I did not use this integrated card since I assembled my pc, got
everything running and installed a dedicated graphics card - maybe the Nvidia
drivers broke something in the meanwhile.

Anyway, trying to fix this, I've found no used drivers for the card and a opengl
error message in xorg.

lspci output and xorg logs: https://t8w.de/log.txt
(my private server, plain text, no logging, tracking nor anything else ;) )

Installing, uninstalling, reinstalling several driver / mesa related packages
did not help and neither did the handful of threads about the same or similar issues,
so I'd really appreciate any help.