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[SOLVED] Re: privoxy - which is the correct configuration?

Am Sonntag, 24. März 2019, 10:56:10 CET schrieb Reco:
> 	Hi.
> > Ok, a new question: But, if I want someone give the opportunity, to go to
> > the web with tor and I want to let him use my computer as a proxy, then
> > he may use my privoxy on port 8118 and can use it?
> As long as you permit it. Currently your Privoxy won't accept any
> connections from outside of it's host.
> > Simply let privoxy also listen to his IP, right? (of course only as a
> > short solution).
> Er, no. Forcing privoxy to listen someone else's IP won't do anyone any
> good.
> You should either specify *your* IP to listen, or use something like
> this (which will listen on any interface):
> listen-address
> I also suggest specifying these:
> enable-remote-toggle  0
> enable-remote-http-toggle  0
> enable-edit-actions 0
> You'll hardly need this someone else to modify your privoxy settings at
> runtime, or bypassing Tor.
> Reco

Hmm, my intention was, just to let only his special IP to use my proxy, not 
all IPs. However, I see, that it will work.

And of course, your other mentioned configurations will be taken care of.

I think, my missing little "bricks" of knowledge are now existent, so I can 
only say "thank you very much for all the help!" and leave this discussion 
safely as solved.

Have a nice weekend!



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