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Re: privoxy - which is the correct configuration?

Am Sonntag, 24. März 2019, 10:19:59 CET schrieb Reco:
> 	Hi.

Hi Reco, 

thanks for the fast response. Most of this I understood.

> If you need to use Tor and you have a browser which supports SOCKS proxy
> - then you need to use only Tor. Privoxy is redundant here.

Did I understand you correctly? So, socks is the correct entry and if this 
works, I can safely remove privoxy, but I need privoxy, if I want to use a 
browser, which has no socks configuration option?

Ok, a new question: But, if I want someone give the opportunity, to go to the 
web with tor and I want to let him use my computer as a proxy, then he may use 
my privoxy on port 8118 and can use it? Simply let privoxy also listen to his 
IP, right? (of course only as a short solution). 



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