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Re: privoxy - which is the correct configuration?


On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 10:10:22AM +0100, Hans wrote:
> Hi folks, 
> I want to use privoxy with tor. Reading the documentation of privoxy let me 
> confuse. As the documentation is telling, the browser shall use and port 
> 8118 as proxy for http and ssl,

That's Privoxy's.

> the docu also is telling, that port 9050 (or 9150) by using tor shall also work.

And that's Tor's.

> In my config the related entries are active:
> listen-address  localhost:8118
> forward-socks5t    / .

So you tell privoxy to listen incoming HTTP connections on
localhost:8118, change requests to SOCKS5, and forward them to Tor.

> When I look at the official tor-browser, then I find in its configuration, they do not 
> use port http and ssl port 8118, but SOCKS port 9050.

Correct, this is Tor default. You *can* force the Tor to be HTTPS
CONNECT proxy (unsuitable for plain HTTP), but this requires changing
Tor's configuration file.

> In my browser, I checked with both configurations and both are working = using tor. 

So you happen to have browser that can do both HTTP proxy and SOCKS

> Now I am confused, I searched the web and the docus, but could not find a 
> technical explanation, what is the technical difference and which configuration 
> should I use, and why one is better/safer/whatever.

If you need to use Tor and you have a browser which supports SOCKS proxy
- then you need to use only Tor. Privoxy is redundant here.

If you need to use Tor, but either your browser lacks SOCKS proxy
support (a rare thing these days), or you want to (ab)use Privoxy's
filtering feature - you use Privoxy + Tor.

Simple as that.

> Can someone in short words point me to the correct entry? http:8118 or socks:
> 9050?

Both are. It depends on what you're trying to achieve.