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Re: Only using masquerading on internet facing server

On 3/13/2019 1:39 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> Ip range on server a:
>> IP range on server b:
> That's very vague.
> But I'll assume that your "server b" has an address 172.17.232.NN
> on one network interface and on another.
>> If I enable MASQUERADING on server b everything works as expected but as
>> soon as I disabled MASQUERADING on server b the hosts behind it don't
>> have internet access for example.
>> What do I need to do on server a to properly MASQUERADE server b?
> My guess is that on "server a" you have not setup routing so as to send
> all the packets to "server b".
> IOW on "server a" you need to do something like
>     route add -net gw 172.17.232.NN

Thanks to anyone who has contributed to this question.

By the answers in this thread, I guess I need to explane what I have and
what I'm trying to do.

Server a and server b are identical, server a is the internet facing
server which has one network behind it (eth1 and eth0 is
the interface connected to the internet), server b is behind server a
and connected using the eth0 interface.
Server b is behind server a and is connected to server a through eth0,
server b has one network behind it (eth1

For now both server (a and b) are responsible for MASQUERADING the
networks behind them.
So server a MASQUERADEs and server b MASQUERADEs

MASQUERADE is only needed on server a.

Does it help understanding what I'm trying to do?

I really appriciate any help/hint.

John Doe