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Re: (Thank you Tom) Re: David --- Re: WRITING to NTFS drives

On 3/13/19 3:43 PM, Thomas D Dial wrote:


I contacted a relative who does this routinely. Windows alternately, I
contacted a relative who does this routinely about the initial queston
about writing to NTFS file systems from Linux and Windows alternately.
Although he does this in a dual boot environment, and with either Ubuntu
or Mint, they should be similar enough to Debian and the proposed use to
be meaningful.

He did not report problems with NTFS as such, but mentioned possible
OneDrive sync issues and inability of Linux to write to a Windows drive
if it was closed down in a locked state. I knew nothing of such a
"locked state" and Google search for it indicated only issues that
suggest prior file system corruption that needed chkdsk or SFC (and
possibly bootrec, or even Windows refresh or reinstall), so probably not
a meaningful barrier.

Prior testing would be appropriate, with verification of the 90% or more
most common use cases, maybe with help of a relatively knowledgable user
or a few of them.


The locked state might be from a feature introduced in Windows 8: Windows
does not shut down by default but rather goes into suspend-to-disk. If the
data is accessed from another OS while Windows is suspended, Windows' and
the other OS' view on the data may be inconsistent and cause file system


So for external drives there should not be an issue as long as they are
unmounted/disconnected properly prior to a Windows shutdown or alternatively
one can disable "Fast Startup" completely to avoid its risks.


OT: Last time I e-mailed the list, my mail's signature could not be verified
successfuly in (at least not in my e-mail client)... I am not sure how to
debug this so it might again be signed incorrectly? :(

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