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David --- Re: WRITING to NTFS drives

On 3/12/19 9:50 PM, David Christensen wrote:
On 3/11/19 11:13 AM, deb wrote:

I saw this question come up

and it set off bells.

Someone asked what the status of WRITING to NTFS drives was.

That it was not yet supported (?) .

*MY* Assumptions:

  * MIXED NETWORK, with Win, Mac, Linux (EXT4 formatted).

  * many portable 1-5TB drives making the rounds, formatted with NTFS.

  * data loss is unacceptable [to the highest degree that is possible].

I know that I can read (and verify) files just fine from NTFS on Debian 9.8

but [if you have direct experience with this]

is writing to these drives from debian actually safe?

[if you have direct experience with this]

what process/tool(s) do you use to validate the writes?

What are other places to ask this?

Thank you!

On 3/12/19 4:40 PM, deb wrote:
I'm faced with people running everywhere with these things, and dozens of drives.

Writing to NTFS file systems using Debian has worked for me for the current and past few releases of Debian Stable.  It is not a common use-case for me any more, so I'll refrain from making comments.

However, it seems like you have a large sneaker net with many sneakers and even more feet.  My experiences with a few sneakers and two feet prompted me to pursue better solutions (Ethernet network, file server, version control server, backups, archives, images, etc.).  I am curious why you don't do the same?


Brace yourself.

They take the drives back and forth *Home*.

(As well as back & forth to clients)..

There is equal volume pumping around the LAN as well.