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Re: How to get a clean situation for nvidia drivers

On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 09:35:53 +0100
Erwan David <erwan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Erwan,

>drivers. However, here I got a system in a dirty state, and no standard
>way to get it clean (how can I say "Ok revert the partial installation
>and keep the installed version" ?).

As it happens, I ended up in a similar position.  That is, some v410
stuff installed along side the 390xx-legacy packages.  I had to expunge
the 410 packages by hand(1), and substitute with the comparable legacy
packages.  Installing the 390xx drivers metapackage went a long way
helping in that regard.  Along the way, the legacy nvidia driver got
marked for removal, but watching and reading carefully I spotted that,
and managed to clear the removal marker without problem(2).

I agree that the process could be cleaner, but not being anywhere near
knowledgeable enough about the upgrade processes, I have no idea how
feasible that is.

>I installed the nvidia-legacy-39xx, but I do like doing things like that
>in a hurry,

I think you meant to say '....I do not like.....' and I can't say I blame

(1)  Whether it was strictly necessary, IDK.  But as this computer will
now forever be on the legacy drivers, nvidia-detect and its ilk are no
longer necessary.

(2)  I find it rather a tense time, after such an update, rebooting the
computer to see if I've managed the video driver update process properly,
or screwed it up royally, and ended up with no running X.

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