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Re: plasma5 - howto reload keyboard module?

Hi deloptes,
> the very reason to stay with KDE3 aka TDE.

My customers surely do not want to. IMO TDE is too old, although running well. 
Plasma is just offering more. Sorry for that. 

> Did you look for error messages - post here and also the reference to the
> bug. probably it is udev -> dbus -> plasma .... but it is amateurs guess.

There are none, better say: I found none.
> I see issues with some cheep kvm, mice and keayboards from time to time,
> which the kernel manage to work around. Might be you are not so lucky.
This happens with notebooks, so changing the keyboard is not possible.

> regards

The solution I am looking for, is: How to reload the responsible keyboard 
module in plasma?

Best regards


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