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plasma5 - howto reload keyboard module?

Hi folks, 

from time to time I get into an issue in plasma5 (and only in plasma5). The 
problem is, that without an obvious reason suddenly the keyboard is no more 
working. No input is possible. The mouse is working.

Question: Is there any possibilty to reload the keyboard module (I do not 
know, if plasma is using the kernel module or its own) without completely 
restarting plasma5?

As I have some unexperienced customers with the same problem,  my idea was, to 
create a button, where they can click on, so that the keyboard is loaded 
again. Thios would be the smallest annoying solution. Thus I have to know, how 
the keyboard can be restarted.

Any ideas?

Oh, this behaviour is happening since years, and somewhere there is even a 
bugreport of this, but no one ever cared. So I am looking for another 

Thanks for reading and any help.

Best regards


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