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Tom --- Re: WRITING to NTFS drives

On 3/11/19 3:35 PM, Thomas D Dial wrote:
On Mon, 2019-03-11 at 14:13 -0400, deb wrote:
I saw this question come up

and it set off bells.

Someone asked what the status of WRITING to NTFS drives was.

That it was not yet supported (?) .

*MY* Assumptions:

   * MIXED NETWORK, with Win, Mac, Linux (EXT4 formatted).

   * many portable 1-5TB drives making the rounds, formatted with NTFS.

   * data loss is unacceptable [to the highest degree that is

I know that I can read (and verify) files just fine from NTFS on
Debian 9.8

but [if you have direct experience with this]

is writing to these drives from debian actually safe?

[if you have direct experience with this]

what process/tool(s) do you use to validate the writes?

One data point, clearly in need of additional support (or refutation).

I will lay claim to having, in a small number of cases, written to NTFS
file systems using recent (jessie, stretch, buster) Debian versions.

Validation was that the files subsequently were readable, modifiable,
and rewritable by Windows 10 or Windows 7 applications. Some of them
later were readable, modifiable, and rewritable on the originating Linux

This is a somewhat weak claim, since it involved only a small (but
double digit) number of files, and only a few applications (mostly
OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and MS-Office Excel).

On one occasion I managed, largely by trial and error, to repair an NTFS
file system using tools available on Debian (buster, I think, but maybe

Tom Dial


Thank you!

It's good to hear it has worked, even in small samples.

I'm faced with people running everywhere with these things, and dozens of drives.

[potential] shudder.