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Re: How to get a clean situation for nvidia drivers

On 3/12/19 2:03 PM, Erwan David wrote:
When upgrading my lenovo T530 I was warned that nvidia-driver does not
support anymore my graphic card. Thus I chose to not upgrade in the dialog.

Now I have partially installed packages for nvidia driver, so what
should I do with this ?

And what should I have done ? Install non working drivers ?

I am on a W520, equipped with a Quadro-1000M; I saw the same warning you did, and the card was identified correctly.  I am on Buster.

I installed nvidia-legacy-390, uninstalled nvidia-legacy-checker, and my machine survived a reboot with the GUI coming up nicely.


On a totally separate note, I have no idea actually if I am using this driver over nouveau, since I was messing with bumblebee a while back and don't push the graphics capabilities here....