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Re: Caja's file search --- BUG or Feature?

On Sun 10 Mar 2019 at 09:21:37 (-0500), Richard Owlett wrote:
> I'm running Stretch with MATE desktop.
> If I submit a sub-string of a filename to "MATE Search Tool", *ANY*
> hit reports the full path to the target. That is *GOOD*!
> HOWEVER, if I'm exploring a specific directory with Caja and then
> search for the *IDENTICAL* sub-string I get a "hit" with ABSOLUTELY no
> indication of the file's location :{
> My test case:
> I created a test file at
> /home/richard/Downloads/tk8.6.9/tests/ttk/owltstmarch9 .
> I hope that is arbitrary enough ;}
> Using 'march' as test string when using:
>  1. "MATE Search Tool" yields exact location.
>  2, Caja admits file exists *SOMEWHERE*
> As an end USER:
>  1. "MATE Search Tool" gives expected result - i.e. giving
>      full path to target.
>  2. Caja's search otherwise:
>     A. The first time I used it, I expected to get hits *ONLY*
>        in the current sub-directory.
>     B. However it reports hits for *ANY* sub-directory at or
>        below the current one. This can be very useful.
>        *HOWEVER* it's usefulness is reduced by not reporting the
>        full path to the target.
> Comments?

By full path, I take it that you mean an absolute path.

The Mate search is presumably made across the whole system, so a hit
would be fairly meaningless without the absolute path, like the city
of Springfield, USA.

OTOH it's quite normal for running programs to have little idea of
where they are located in the file system beyond the current directory
and its parent. So it doesn't surprise me that you don't get any
information about what directories are above you.

As for those below, I'm now guessing. (Installing caja to try it out
would involve 42 packages: no thanks.) When the hits are presented,
it is just a "dead" text list, or are the names clickable? If the
latter, have you tried right-clicking on them? I would expect a menu
including "Properties" which might reveal something.

I thought this was the bread and butter of using a DE, and the reason
for installing all those packages.