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WRITING to NTFS drives

I saw this question come up

and it set off bells.

Someone asked what the status of WRITING to NTFS drives was.

That it was not yet supported (?) .

*MY* Assumptions:

 * MIXED NETWORK, with Win, Mac, Linux (EXT4 formatted).

 * many portable 1-5TB drives making the rounds, formatted with NTFS.

 * data loss is unacceptable [to the highest degree that is possible].

I know that I can read (and verify) files just fine from NTFS on Debian 9.8

but [if you have direct experience with this]

is writing to these drives from debian actually safe?

[if you have direct experience with this]

what process/tool(s) do you use to validate the writes?

What are other places to ask this?

Thank you!