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Re: And now, from the Nice people? Re: Group thoughts on: Anti-virus tools

On 2019-03-11, Stefan Monnier <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Not that I'm aware of.  The thing is - instead of taking an insecure OS
>> and building assorted kludges (in the form of anti-virus) around it,
>> it's considered wise here to use a secure OS from the beginning.
> This is misleading: all OSes are somewhat insecure, in practice.
> The question is what to do when a security hole is found: plug the hole
> right away, or try to recognize potential attacks via some anti-virus
> software?
> Of course, AV software houses can't really plug security holes in
> Windows (only Microsoft can), so their livelihood depends on making
> people believe that an AV is a good supplement.

I think the premises of your syllogism might lead some to another
conclusion---that the livelihood of the AV software houses depends upon
the innate insecurity of the Windows OS.  This kind of gentleman's
agreement seems to be one of the fundamental cogs in the great Wheel of
capitalism to which most of us are tied.

Having said that, the Windows 10 on my hubby's laptop has native virus-
detection software and the OS is patched frequently via the net (at
times to inadvertent ill effect, though not here, at least not yet).

>         Stefan

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