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Re: And now, from the Nice people? Re: Group thoughts on: Anti-virus tools

On 2019-03-11, deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> deb wrote:

I don't believe he did, actually. I believe that's what Reco wrote.

>> Not that I'm aware of. The thing is - instead of taking an insecure OS
>> and building assorted kludges (in the form of anti-virus) around it,
>> it's considered wise here to use a secure OS from the beginning.
> If you have windows users in your network, the best is to pay for a server
> license for linux and integrate it into clamav. I think most of the popular
> anti virus software companies have their products running on linux and able
> to integrate in clamav. You have to pay but it pays off, if you have
> employes or simply people using windows in your network.
> The security of course is not only the antivirus, but also the firewall, VPN
> and similar - 1. reduce the risk of intrusion and 2. increase the chance of
> detection. Anti virus software is only part of it all.
> regards

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