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Re: And now, from the Nice people? Re: Group thoughts on: Anti-virus tools

On Sun 10 Mar 2019 at 13:18:54 -0400, deb wrote:

> I posted a question A/Vs and got negative waves like the below.

It only looks "negative" because you have an agenda. I myself thought
the responses were reasonable and balanced.

> Several people ASS-UMED I was trying to kludge Windows into Linux,
> (see Canonical if you want to find Linux-folk sucking up to Windows)
> instead of working to bring Linux into Windows strongholds (and
> be aware of the problems there.)

Knocking Canonical (who produce a premier Linux distribution) doesn't
advance your argument; it is unclear what that is.
> Some just crushed my starting points, without alternatives.
> N.I.C.E.

Your argument (for what it was) was demolished. Explicit alternatives to
it are unnecessary when it hasn't a leg to stand on.

> It is little wonder that Linux can not beat Windows on the desktop (as it
> should),

Is that part of the agenda?

> if this is how people are helped who are trying to Bring In Linux.

Or is this the nub? The Lone Ranger syndrome.

> Crumogeon tip: It is no longer 1972.   If you have nothing nice or at least
> helpful to say on a  USER list, say nothing at all.

All the responses were helpful. You just have to fit them into your
World View and accomodate them