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Re: And now, from the Nice people? Re: Group thoughts on: Anti-virus tools

On Sun, 10 Mar 2019, deb wrote:

I posted a question A/Vs and got negative waves like the below.

Several people ASS-UMED I was trying to kludge Windows into Linux,
(see Canonical if you want to find Linux-folk sucking up to Windows)
instead of working to bring Linux into Windows strongholds (and
be aware of the problems there.)

Some just crushed my starting points, without alternatives.


It is little wonder that Linux can not beat Windows on the desktop (as it should),

if this is how people are helped who are trying to Bring In Linux.

Crumogeon tip: It is no longer 1972.   If you have nothing nice or at least helpful to say on a  USER list, say nothing at all.

I haven't been able to follow the core of the discussion, partly because I don't know the technical issues and partly because I didn't quite understand your question but for a different perspective on 'nice' I actually thought the responses you received were trying to be helpful; they were warning you against a certain approach to your issue (especially about using Windows or thinking AV is needed on Linux).

I think curmudgeons can put people off but I didn't think people were being curmudgeonly to you (or didn't intend to be) but instead critical of Windows or Windows-like approaches.

they were pressing the case one doesn't need AV on Linux as such, at least not if properly configured. this seems helpful.

But you will anyways...

"assorted help"

Not that I'm aware of. The thing is - instead of taking an insecure OS
and building assorted kludges (in the form of anti-virus) around it,
it's considered wise here to use a secure OS from the beginning.

I thought he was saying the surest approach is not touching Windows with
a ten foot pole, for which I doubt there's a list to read.

this seems to support my interpretation.


Felmon Davis