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Re: systemd error

On 3/10/19, Curt <curty@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't use sudo and was unaware of this timeout feature.
> The timeout interval is configurable, though.
> man sudoers:
>  timestamp_timeout
>     Number of minutes that can elapse before sudo will ask for a passwd
> again.
>     The timeout may include a fractional component if minute granularity is
>     insufficient, for example 2.5. The default is 15. Set this to 0 to
> always
>     prompt for a password. If set to a value less than 0 the user's time
> stamp will
>     not expire until the system is rebooted.  --
> The advisability of lengthening or eliminating the timeout is probably
> related
> to the possibility of the kitty (and other, less cool cats) creeping by to
> paw
> a detrimental command or two into your privileged xterm while you're out
> grilling one on the stoop.

It always feels like the timeout is somewhere around 10 minutes... or
so. 15, you say. CHECK! (Tick?!)

The fur ball deal, I'm feeling that scenario..

E.g. and for example, what if one day a Debian User who shall remain
"Nameless" clicks out...

"sudo thunar /"

Then right clicks over /usr to view "Properties" for whatever data
seeking reason..

Then next hits "ESC" escape to exit the Properties [window] which, on
many if not most occasions, leaves /usr still actively highlighted in
the as yet still open Thunar file managing window.

Nameless the (carbo-craving) Nerd then suddenly runs to the window to
check out that thump out front. That thump likely heralds their highly
anticipated next 18 pounds of angel hair spaghetti pasta newly arrived
on the front porch stoop.

Meanwhile back at the hastily abandoned computer, a curiosity seeking
fur ball's front right paw has just been firmly planted on the easily
accessible "DEL" delete key..

Which, by innate nature of the beast, next invokes the *much adored,
highly protective* popup window that advises, "This is your last
chance bailout > Are you *SURRRE* you want to take that woefully
un-recoupable, negatory type action?"

That would be the same popup advisement window that... um... just
happens to have the "Delete" button graciously highlighted by default.

Likewise by innate nature of the beast, the curiosity seeking fur
ball's front left foot now next....

Steps on the "Enter" key a la one foot in front of the other, soon
you'll be walking out the door, yada-yada Kris Kringle, Winter
Warlock, Topper the (Linux) Penguin.

I've had something like the above almost occur. More than once, too.
It's a fur real actually could happen.... in a (heart stopping)
heartbeat and apparently with about 14 1/2 minutes of sudo invoked
admin authority left to spare. Go, Kitty!

PS Those close calls always next invoke the "OMG, BACK UP THE COMPUTER
*NOW*!" moment. Yeah, yeah, I know, backups should have already been
done... Living #Life on the edge... yada-yada. :D

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with birdseed *