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Re: systemd error

On 2019-03-10, Default User <hunguponcontent@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Curt, I often use sudo [command] even when not needed, because the sudo
> elevated privileges state  "times out" after several minutes, reverting to
> unprivileged user state. So if I need to enter another command with
> elevated privileges after the elevated privilege state expires, I have to
> re-enter the password again, instead of just sudo [command].
> I guess i'm just lazy.

I don't use sudo and was unaware of this timeout feature.

The timeout interval is configurable, though.

man sudoers:

    Number of minutes that can elapse before sudo will ask for a passwd again.
    The timeout may include a fractional component if minute granularity is
    insufficient, for example 2.5. The default is 15. Set this to 0 to always
    prompt for a password. If set to a value less than 0 the user's time stamp will
    not expire until the system is rebooted.  -- 

The advisability of lengthening or eliminating the timeout is probably related
to the possibility of the kitty (and other, less cool cats) creeping by to paw
a detrimental command or two into your privileged xterm while you're out
grilling one on the stoop.

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