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GkSudo and Python Apt


Im designing an application in Python for installing some apps. I need help in the following:

1. Whenever I open any app which needs root permissions, it shows me a popup asking password. And I have seen people refer to this GKSudo. How can I setup such one for my app?

2. Or is there any alternative to GKSudo, like taking password as input from user and entering it, using os.system("apt install...") or any such modules?

{In a way such that user need not run the app from terminal using "sudo /.myapp"; I want this process to more graphical as possible}

Like do you guys have a better idea in designing a Python based app which uses apt to install apps. The problem I face is with "how to get sudo permission". With forums saying graphical apps should not use sudo and Python based modules which allow calling terminal commands not so effective; Im confused what to do...

3. Is there any documentation available for Python-Apt module?

Thank You
J. Arun Mani