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Re: sucessor for denyhosts?


We are using fail2ban to do this. It offers many more options, and works by creating iptables rules. This gives you much more control over what ports exactly are blocked.

Plus I think (correct me if Im wrong) that using /etc/hosts.deny to block access only works with programs that are compiled to do so, and iptables will always work.


On 3/9/19 9:57 AM, Hans wrote:
Hi folks,

looks like "denyhosts" is nol more in the repos. I like this tool, because it
blocks the IP, when the wrong password is sent n-times.

The blocked IP is added into /etc/hosts.deny, which IMO is a great idea.

I am using a script, which, cleares the hosts.deny after a certain time, but
this is just my behaviour.

My question: which successor for denyhost do you suggest. I found sshguard,
which looks promising, but maybe you got a better tool, which is similar to

Happy hacking!