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Re: sucessor for denyhosts?

On 09/03/2019 08:57, Hans wrote:
> Hi folks,
> looks like "denyhosts" is nol more in the repos. I like this tool, because it 
> blocks the IP, when the wrong password is sent n-times.
> The blocked IP is added into /etc/hosts.deny, which IMO is a great idea.
> I am using a script, which, cleares the hosts.deny after a certain time, but 
> this is just my behaviour.
> My question: which successor for denyhost do you suggest. I found sshguard, 
> which looks promising, but maybe you got a better tool, which is similar to 
> denyhosts.
> Happy hacking!
> Hans 

Hi Hans

Maybe have a look at fail2ban this seems to fit the description of what
you're looking for.  I have not used it much but I found out about it
from another Linux user group member years ago and he suggested it.



Paul Sutton
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