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Re: Laptop still extremely slow after replacing msata ssd and putting old one back

On 08/03/2019 07.39, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> results. I do remember that cached reads were about 1.1 GB/s for both
>> the old and the new SSD after the slowness started.
> FWIW, the "cached read" speed of hdparm doesn't have much to do with the
> SSD (it reads from the in-RAM cache, not from the in-"disk" cache, AFAIK).

I am almost sure that you are correct. But to me it was a symptom showing that
the system was indeed very slow with either of the SSDs installed, but not
necessarily due to those drives. That combined with the slowness starting in or
immediately after the grub-stage pointed me in the direction of a
hardware-related issue. Reseating all removable hardware and connectors seems to
have resolved most of the slowness (not all though).

Meanwhile I have ordered a new laptop to replace my old Thinkpad W530 of 2012.
In a few days I will be the proud owner of a maxed out Thinkpad P1. I am sure I
will notice the increase in speed and especially the 32GB RAM when having
multiple VMs open at a time. Can wait! Keeping my fingers crossed hoping the
BIOS problems have been solved and it will be easy sailing installing current
testing on it.

Anyone have any experiences with this laptop to share? I'd appreciate to hear
about it.

P.S. This will be my fourth Thinkpad. All have been serving me for years before
being replaced. This was the first that has ever given me any trouble. As a
matter of fact all of them do still work. I do like those darn machines!

Grx HdV