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Re: User rw Permissions on New Hard Drive

Michael Stone wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 01:49:42PM -0700, Cousin Stanley wrote:
>>David Wright wrote:
>>> All that stuff in /dev/disk/ is just an ephemeral
>>> bunch of convenient symbolic links, presumably conjured
>>> up by udev or somesuch, if not the linux kernel
>>  But are they not accurate after boot
>>  for particular disks on a particular machine ?
> Maybe. 
> The LABEL= is parsed by mount, which uses the same logic/source
> for that as blkid. 
> The /dev/disk stuff is actually the product of more indirection 
> and another codebase--morelikely to break than LABEL=. 
> (Not that either is likely. 
> So shortest is best. :D)

  OK, I can understand a higher potential for breakage
  due to a different codebase and/or indirection .... 

  I suppose I've been lucky to never have encountered
  any problems using  /dev/disk/by-label  in fstab
  but I've only ever run machines with at most 
  2 drives along with an optical drive .... 

  I have swapped drives between machines a few times
  for one reason or another, but don't recall
  any problems with those either after fstab adjustments.

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona